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Annual Service


Register your garage door/gate service, new motor install, garage door install or gate install for an annual service reminder.
Garage doors and Gates are one of the largest objects in the home and require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating safe and efficiently.
It is recommended for your garage door / gate and operator to be serviced every 12 months.
This is not only to maintain safety standards and ensure your garage door and motor are in working order, but to avoid any nasty damages caused by wear and tear from damaging or aging parts and helps to avoid potential problems.
Annual servicing can also increase the operational life of the garage door and motor and to also honor manufacturer’s warranties.
NB: It is important that servicing of garage doors are performed by an experienced technician as garage doors are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly.
Adept Garage Doors and Gates annual service will including checking/adjusting the tension of the springs and cables, inspecting all of the parts for any wear and tear, lubricating parts, checking and testing the motor settings and operation of the garage door, discussing any queries you may have in regards to the garage door, noting any concerns and organizing to fix them if needed.

It is important that your garage door and/or gate to be operating to their best ability to avoid unexpected problems and minimise the possibility of something like this happening to you.

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