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"Opening your Garage Door or Gate has never been easier, with just the push of a button"

Have you ever had to open your gate or garage door is the rain?

Were you in a rush to get somewhere but had to get out of the car to close the garage door or gate? 

Why not automate your existing garage door or gate? Garage door and gate motors are convenient and can save you time.


Adept Garage Doors & Gates supplies and installs a range of quality garage door motors and gate motors to suit our customer's budget and needs. And with today's smart technology we can make your garage doors and gate operate from the same remote control and some motors have the option to open your garage door or gate with your phone - no more carrying around remotes. 

With installation of products by an expert technician you garage door/gate motor will be installed correctly to ensure your new product is operating at its best potential.

We can also repair your existing garage door motor or gate motor through general maintenance, servicing and replacing parts for most motors.

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