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What should you consider when buying a new garage door?

When choosing a new garage door it is important you consider the following:


Your garage door is the largest moving object and entry point in your home.

The quality of the garage door, fittings and security features are important to consider when making a decision to buy a garage door.

Though, not only is the quality of the garage door and features important, it is important to get quality information/knowledge and installation from the supplier.


Ensure the garage door and/or garage door motor has safety features to suit your needs.

These features can be items such as Battery Backup, Safety PE Beams, Keypads, Pinned curtains, Lock for manual use, Coffin Lock for if the garage door is the only entrance into the garage door and the motor fails, Xtra-lock for added security, and more.

It is recommended for automatic garage doors to be fitted with PE beams, which automatically stops the door closing onto an object.

Manual or Automatic Garage Door

Why not let a garage door motor do the heavy lifting?

Whether it's a door that will be used a lot or rarely at all, an automatic garage door motor can make things a lot easier when it comes to using your garage door. Just the push of a button.

Though there are many different brands and models of garage door motors to consider. You may need to consider more remotes, keypads, added features/safety, the quality of the motor and if the motor is suitable for the operation of your garage door.

A new manual garage door when installed correctly should be easy to open and close. Over time though the springs will wear in and may get heavier with age - this is why it is important to regularly service manual and automatic garage doors to avoid strain on yourself or the garage door motor and to avoid wear and tear on the parts.


Probably the biggest decision a customer can make.

Matching the garage door to the appearance and architectural design of your home.

Things to consider when choosing your garage door is the colour, design, style and type.

You may want to match the colour to the roof/gutters/posts and/or you might want to match the design/style to the architectural design of your home.

Depending on the current opening/fixings there are different types of garage doors to choose from. The main garage door types are Sectional Panel Doors, Roller Doors and Tilt Doors.

The common designs for sectional panel doors are Weatherboard/Slimline, Squares/Heritage, Rectangles/Ranch,

Why not make your automatic roller door look different to others and have a keyless finish.

[View the colour range here]

Insulation or non-insulation

Benefiting with climate temperature.

With our Queensland climate it is good to consider if you require an insulated or non-insulated garage door.


Be sure to understand the warranty when you are getting your garage door and/or garage door motor and what is covered. It is crucial to have your garage door serviced a

nnually not only to keep the life of the parts, but to honour the manufacturer's warranties.

Are you ready to buy a new garage door?

Contact us today to organise a free measure and quote.

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