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Adept Garage Doors and Gates 12 Days of Christmas - 8th Day

On the 8th Day of Christmas Adept Garage Doors and Gates will give to you... [Safety Product Information]

We can provide safety features to your garage door or gate to suit your needs.

These features can be items such as Battery Backup, Safety PE Beams, Keypads, GSM devices, Pinned curtains, Locks for manual use, Coffin Lock for if the garage door is the only entrance into the garage door and the motor fails, Xtra-locks for added security, and more.

It is recommended for automatic garage doors and gates to be fitted with PE beams, which automatically stops the door/gate closing onto an object/person.

Ask us today about safety features and receive 10% off.

Stay tuned each day for discounts, fun garage door/gate facts and products.

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