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Will this happen to your garage door?

Have you had your garage door serviced recently?

Garage doors and gates require regular servicing and maintenance by an experienced technician to avoid increased wear and tear, parts becoming brittle or loose, getting stuck or jamming during operation, falling/closing onto an object or damaging property, and more.

Over the years the spring tension of garage doors require tensioning.

Roller doors may require spring tension when they are ballooning when opening and closing, which can cause the door to jam/jerk in the tracks.

The spring tension also keeps the cables tight on sectional panel doors. When the cables come loose and come off the drums, this can cause the door to become lopsided/hanging.

If you test your garage door manually and the garage door falls fast to the ground, it is highly recommended to have the spring tension adjusted. Not only to avoid damage to the garage door from the force of it hitting the ground when closing and straining the garage door motor, but to also avoid the garage door crushing a person or object and causing serious damage.

Another sign that your garage door may require spring tension is when your automatic garage door motor stops during operation.

Garage door motors now have a built in feature to have force settings, this feature tells the motor to stop operating if it feels pressure on the garage door, such as it closing onto a car. Although if there is nothing in the way and the motor is stopping during operation, this may be happening because the motor is picking up that the garage door is heavy which means the springs need to be tensioned.


Not only is the spring tension important to check with garage doors, but they also need regular lubrication. This is to lubricate all moving parts to keep them working at their best and can make the garage door run quieter and reduce noise.


Another thing to check is the level of the garage door.

If the level of the garage door is out this can cause roller doors to jam, run crooked, scrape the tracks, cone and balloon.

The level being out on a sectional panel door can cause them to jam, close crooked, the cables to come off of the drums which can also cause the door to become lopsided/hanging.

This is one of the main causes, along with closing garage doors onto an object, as to why sectional garage doors become lopsided/hanging. This can cause damage to property and/or injury to a person.

If your garage door has become lopsided and/or hanging - Do not try to fix this yourself as it is still under extreme tension from the springs. There have been many cases that we have attended to emergency call outs where customers have tried to fix the garage door themselves, and have either hurt themselves doing this or have put the door in a worse position and caused more damage.


It is important that your garage door and/or gate is regularly inspected, serviced by an experienced technician, and to be operating to their best ability to avoid unexpected problems and minimise the possibility of something like this happening to you.

Do you need to book a garage door service or repair?

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