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Broken Springs? Give Adept Garage Doors and Gates a ring ☎️

Have you ever heard a garage door spring break?

It is a LOUD bang, some say it sounds like a gun shot or a car back firing.

Once the springs have reached the end of their cycles/worn they will break and your garage door will be out of service until the springs are replaced.

And what an inconvenience this can be to not be able to use one of our main access points to our home.

If you see a gap in the springs like the above pictures, the spring has broken/snapped.

Sectional garage door springs are under an extreme amount of tension to counterbalance the weight to be able to open and close the largest moving mechanism in our homes, the garage door.

The spring assembly includes the help of the cables, drum wheels, torsion pole and brackets to control the overall motion and tension of the garage door.

Without the spring assembly and tension the true weight of a single sectional panel door is over 60kg and a double sectional panel door is over 100kg.

Garage door springs can break from aging, amount of use and lack of maintenance. The average lifespan of sectional garage door springs is up to 10,000 cycles (1 cycle equates to 1 open and close motion). Therefore if you use your garage door for 2 cycles each day, they could last up to 13years, however 4 cycles every day would be up to 7years for the life of the springs.

To help increase the life of your garage door, motor and springs we recommend to have your garage door serviced at a minimum once a year. A service to your garage door will ensure the springs are regularly lubricated to reduce friction, prevent rusting and to check that the springs are tensioned/balanced.

The spring balance/tension of the garage door is tested by disengaging the garage door motor. A correctly sized and tensioned spring will allow the garage door to be easier to open and close manually which also assists in ensuring the motor operates smoothly. It is important that the garage door springs are replaced with the correct sized springs to allow the door to be balanced and operating correctly.

A spring with a lack of tension can cause stress on the garage door parts and motor and make the cables loose enough to come off the drum wheels. This is when we receive urgent calls as the garage door becomes lopsided, stuck half open and is a security risk to the home. Like the photo below

If you have a broken garage door spring, a garage door issue or are in need of a service we strongly recommended that you do not try DIY repairs with any garage door due to potential safety risks and to trust an experienced technician to fix your garage door.

So if you have a broken spring, don't hesitate and give

Adept Garage Doors and Gates a ring ☎️

Office: (07) 5543 6069

A/H Mobile: 0401 363 757


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